Artesanía contemporánea, diseño mexicano, diseño de producto
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Handmade in mexico

Ancestral knowledge with contemporary vision

the crafts

volcanic stone

as our core

A piece of mountain, tradition and history brought home. (Handmade in Jalisco)

Take a look at our hand-carved, basalt stone products. Each of them created by understanding the wide variety of properties that the material has to offer.

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premium Mexican wool 

One of the oldest crafts in history, with a contemporary twist. (Handmade in Jalisco)

Check out our latest collaboration with master craftsman, Pedro Romo. 

Mastering the artisan technique of pedal loom, since the first generation.



duplo design mx is a social enterprise that empowers artisans by promoting and showcasing their traditional skills in a socially responsible way. We believe in using technology to do good, and are committed to strengthening ancient craft techniques. We love using our brand to tell meaningful stories that help keep traditions alive.

“...the dream of the artisan is to defy time and transcend through its craftsmanship

maría angelina (fiber weaver artisan)