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Would like to become our trading partner? Feel free to sign up here. We will get in touch with you to answer all the enquiries you may have and send you a formal and personalized quotation of your selected items. 

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Note. We work under two discount modalities for our partners

          a. Distributor. Referring to all agents who own a physical retail store and/or online shop and sell goods to                  final consumers. With a minimum purchase of 5 products.

          b. Wholesaler. Referring to all agents or companies that sells goods in large quantities, typically (but not                    only) to retailers. With a minimum gross purchase of $12,000 mxn.  

Contact email: hola@duplodesign.mx

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Our passion on showcasing the valuable work of mexican artisians and designers by crafting better, longer-lasting, quality objects matches with our enthusiasm to reach more places, languages, and cultures. 
We are constantly looking for fruitful partners that will help us on growing from our home, Mexico, to be present around the world.

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