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Ancestral knowledge with contemporary vision.


· duplo · 


/ ˈdu.plo /

From the latin duplus, derived from duo ("two") and plūs ("more").


adj. Something formed by two members or that contains twice a certain quantity.

Duplo is an artisanal product-design studio based in Guadalajara, Jalisco.  

Founded by sisters Marcela and Tania Medina,

we created it as our way to demonstrate our love,  appreciation and respect for the various craft techniques executed by Master artisans of Mexico.

We firmly believe that the fusion between artisan and designer is essential to preserve our traditions and adapt them into today's world, providing knowledge and enriching each others visions. 


This is why in our design process, dialogue and effective management is an essential factor to maintain collaborative work and fair treatment, in its different stages of development.

Working With the Best Clients and Partners

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Waldorf Astoria

Grupo Hilton

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Grupo Hunan

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KOL Londres

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Made In

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Pto. Vallarta

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Crate & Barrel


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Hotel Susurros

del Corazón

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